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Marketing SEO Specialist (台湾站点SEO运营)

Marketing & Communications
Palo Alto, CA, USA
Posted on Monday, January 15, 2024

Job Description

About Us
Founded in 1999 and listed on NASDAQ in 2003 and HKEX in 2021, Group is a leading global travel service provider comprising of, Ctrip, Skyscanner, and Qunar.
Across its platforms, Group integrates travel resources from industry partners and helps travellers worldwide pursue the perfect trip with exceptional travel products and services.
We have four Customer Service Centres for established in Japan, Korea, the UK, and the Philippines, providing 24/7 customer service in 19 different languages.
We have more than 30,000 employees scattered across 30 countries in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania, striving to expand our global markets and aiming to be the world’s leading and most trusted family of online travel brands that aspire to deliver the perfect trip at the best price for every traveller.
In this Role, you’ll get to.. (Job Responsibilities Chinese Version):
  • 內容經營:主導 台灣站的內容策劃與經營,確保內容品質與吸引力。? 關鍵字挖掘:進行市場調查跟研究,挖掘並分析關鍵字,優化網站內容,提高搜尋引擎排名。
  • SEO 專案規劃與執行:透過資料分析,根據各業務實際情況,制定合理的衡量指標。負責SEO 內容營運專案的規劃與執行,包括內容更新、網站架構優化等。且可及時調整行銷策略,提升轉化,優化通路行銷方式,合理配置資源,為流量及訂單負責。
  • 競品分析與產業動態:分析其他品牌的策略,制定有效的 SEO 方向以提升網站競爭力。專注於產業動態,提升用戶活躍度及尋找新趨勢。
  • 任務執行:執行公司指派的各項任務,並確保有效率的完成。
In this Role, you’ll get to.. (Job responsibilities English Version):
  • Content Management: Lead the content planning and management for Taiwan Market, ensuring content quality and attractiveness.
  • Keyword Research: Conduct market research and analysis, identify and analyze keywords, optimise website content, and improve search engine rankings.
  • SEO Project Planning and Execution: Develop reasonable measurement indicators based on data analysis and actual business situations. Responsible for planning and executing SEO content operation projects, including content updates, website structure optimisation, etc. Adjust marketing strategies in a timely manner, improve conversion rates, optimise channel marketing methods, and allocate resources reasonably for traffic and orders.
  • Competitor Analysis and Industry Trends Analysis: Analyze the strategies of other brands, formulate effective SEO directions to enhance website competitiveness. Focus on industry trends, improve user activity, and identify new trends.
  • Task Execution: Execute various tasks assigned by the company and ensure efficient completion.
What you'll Need to Succeed..(Job Requirement Chinese Version):
  • 工作背景: 2年以上 SEO相關工作經驗,熟悉 GSC、GA
  • 教育背景:大學以上;企管、語文、資訊、行銷相關科系為佳
  • 地理需求:台灣本地人,熟悉市場與文化
  • 語言能力:能夠使用中文或英文進行有效溝通
  • 能力需求:能獨立作業,具備 SEO 內容營運經驗;有豐富的大型網站專案經驗,具備較強的資訊蒐集、彙總、分析能力及方案輸出能力,善於分析歸納數據,並依據資料優化 SEO 方案;有百萬流量規模的專案經驗者加分。
  • 個人能力:擁有個人部落格(Word press最佳),或具備透過部落格取得排名的能力者加分。
  • 溝通能力:有良好的溝通協調能力,跨部門專案管理能力
What you'll Need to Succeed..(Job Requirement English Version):
  • More than 2 years of SEO-related work experience, familiar with GSC, GA.
  • University or above; majors in business management, language, information, or marketing are preferred.
  • Taiwanese local, familiar with the market and culture.
  • Able to communicate effectively in Chinese or English.
  • Able to work independently, with SEO content operation experience; rich experience in large-scale website projects, strong information collection, summary, analysis, and program output capabilities, good at analyzing and summarizing data, and optimizing SEO programs based on data. Experience with projects with millions of traffic is a plus.
  • Have a personal blog (Word press is preferred), or have the ability to rank through a blog is a plus.
  • Good communication and coordination skills, cross-department project management ability.
Why Group
We offer a stage to unleash your full potential and drive global impact. As an international team, we embrace an open and inclusive culture that supports and respect team members in and out of the workplace. Everyone is on a trip, whether it's a career trip or a life trip. At Group, you can define your own trip by setting a goal and celebrate your success by recognizing the progress you have made.
What’s more?
  • Our rapid business growth in global offers abundant career opportunities at various levels and in multiple functions
  • Internal transfer is encouraged, and global job rotation program enable you to pursue a global career path and make global impact
  • We provide learning opportunities to further your career in areas of leadership capability, soft skill and professional expertise.
  • We encourage flexible work arrangement
  • Have fun with company-sponsored greetings and activities at holidays, birthdays, and colorful team events.
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Have a good trip, and see you soon!