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Community Experience Specialist



Customer Service
Barcelona, Spain
Posted on Friday, February 9, 2024

We are TravelPerk: a scaling unicorn valued at $1.4billion that has raised over $400m since our creation in 2015.

Backed by world-class investors with portfolios including AirBnb, Stripe, Slack, Trello, Gusto, Twitter, Farfetch and Deliveroo, our team is made up of A-players from across the travel and technology industries.

Over the past few years, we’ve been named the fastest-growing SaaS startup in the world by SaaS1000 and featured as one of the hottest startups to watch by both Forbes and Wired. We’re revolutionizing the B2B corporate travel market—worth over $1.3 trillion— to connect people in real life in an enjoyable and sustainable way.

TravelPerk are innovators. During the last year we have welcomed and acquired the likes of Click Travel, NexTravel and Albatross to the team. From TravelCare, to FlexiPerk and of course GreenPerk we are shaping the future of the industry. Our team continues to emerge stronger and stronger as we adjust to the new normal—and that’s where you come in!

If you’re ready to take off with us, keep reading!

Role Overview:
At TravelPerk, we are cultivating an organizational culture and employee experience centered around genuine connection and a sense of belonging. Why? Because in order to do great work, we believe that it’s crucial that our people feel connected to our mission and to each other, ultimately leading to an environment where people feel empowered to share, unlocking different perspectives that create innovative solutions to complex problems.

As Community Experience Specialist, you will be responsible for creating and maintaining the artifacts of TravelPerk’s culture. From our weekly All Hands where we come together to learn about the impact our work is having, to our onboarding experience where we excite and equip new joiners with the tools they need to succeed, to our office spaces where we foster an environment of connection and collaboration in real life. You will work alongside the global Community Experience Team and relevant stakeholders across the business to ensure that the touchpoints related to the overall employee experience help us attract, retain and engage great talent.

What does the role entail?

  • Maintaining and scaling TravelPerk’s culture and mission:
    • Manage the operations to uphold our regular cadence of culture-based events.
    • Review our processes as we scale to ensure our efforts continue to add value.
    • Co-create our Community approach so that we build with the community not for the community, ensuring that they are empowered to shape their own experiences.

Upholding our In Real Life strategyBring our community together for valuable moments of in-person learning, building connection and fostering collaboration.

Maintaining a pulse on the global employee experience

    • Given the wide scope of Community, you will need to build trusted relationships with employees across the company to understand and enhance the employee experience in the HQ and across our global hubs.

Representing the company

    • Showcase our culture externally by supporting employee branding initiatives that highlight the culture of TravelPerk to attract great talent to join us.

What will you do?

More practically, you will do whatever it takes to achieve those objectives. These are some of the practical actions that we foresee being part of your ownership:

  • Achieve SMART goals related to keeping and scaling TravelPerk’s culture to a high standard of delivery.
  • Support company-wide events and experiences to ensure all members are heard and our events are built with the community.
  • Coordinate with our Hub Ambassadors to ensure TravelPerk’s culture and mission is an equal experience balanced with locational relevancy.
  • Drive company volunteering program objectives.
  • Champion our Belonging Philosophy.
  • Manage internal resources for all things Community.
  • Support community led initiatives, such as meditation classes, TK talks and padel.
  • Create and distribute employee swag that focuses on building a sense of belonging.
  • Support the creation of content to promote and explain TravelPerk’s culture internally and externally: podcasts,blog articles, EOW presentations, participation in conferences, etc.
  • Lead onboarding and cultural induction programs to bring new joiners on the journey of TravelPerk with the necessary context to succeed.

To succeed in this role you’ll:

  • Embed yourself into the community and take constant “temperature checks” to make sure that what we are working on is relevant and engaging.
  • Collect and track community data, such as engagement metrics and community-driven content.
  • Foster our internal communities, empower them to take the lead on their initiatives while offering support where needed.
  • Have a strong data approach: evaluate and measure success in new ways and leverage those learnings to develop our strategy.
  • Build your network within TravelPerk.

What we’re looking for

This role will be perfect for you if you’re someone who matches the following:

  • You are based in Barcelona.
  • Demonstrate a passion for championing organizational culture
  • People person. You’re great at building relationships and understanding people’s motivations and behaviors. You enjoy learning from people and are often recognised as a great listener.
  • Strong organizational & planning skills
  • Highly driven self-starter
  • Ability to deal with ambiguity
  • Excellent communication skills to share the story of TravelPerk in a compelling way
  • Framework thinker. You can solve problems using structures, allowing you to move quickly and autonomously when needed.
  • You take extreme ownership and are highly reliable in your delivery and communication.


  • Fluent in English: With strong written and verbal skills
  • Team player: We need top class collaborators.

Humble: You’re ok with the spotlight, but you don’t crave it. You know what you don’t know and you’re willing to learn.

  • Extreme Ownership + Getting things done attitude:
    • Proactive approach and able to work under pressure. Look for problems to solve before they become problems. But when they become problems, stay cool and solve them quickly.
    • Extremely hands-on: you don't mind solving small problems or big problems. From high-level planning to detailed execution.

Project Management skills

    • Define, plan and oversee projects so that they are delivered in the best way to have the best impact.
    • Constantly update the relevant people.
    • Get your hands dirty and build.
    • Coordinate and inform other stakeholders in the company, managing expectations.
    • Lead and rally people to Community initiatives.
  • Stakeholder management: People come to you because you make their lives easier and solve problems for them. However, you are able to say no when necessary, even if it means not pleasing everyone.
  • You feel comfortable constantly being challenged, learning fast, making things happen, and moving from one project to the next one.

On top of those things...

  • Have fun doing what you do!
  • Continuous improvement is part of your DNA. The bar is high but you always aim to set it higher. You keep ahead of news and updates to keep yourself informed and the company to the highest standards.
  • You seek feedback early and often and are open to constructive and direct criticism
  • You must possess a genuine hunger to navigate your role in a fast-changing, hyper-growth environment
  • Ready to roll-up your sleeves and work hard.

How we work

Our Vision is for a world where TravelPerk serves as the platform for human connection in-real-life (IRL). We take an IRL-first approach to work, where our team works together in-person 3 days a week. As such, this role requires you to be based within commuting distance of our Barcelona hub. We fundamentally believe in the value of meeting in-real-life to improve connectivity, productivity, creativity and ultimately making us a great place to work.

Please submit your resume in English if you choose to apply. Remember to submit an updated resume.

TravelPerk is a global company with a diverse customer base—and we want to ensure the people behind our product reflect that. We’re an equal opportunity employer, meaning you’re welcome at TravelPerk regardless of your appearance, where you’re from, or anything else that makes you.